Construction Fire Pump
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Construction Fire Pump


Building Fire Pump Introduction

Building fire pump Use

XBD series variable flow constant-pressure building fire pump is mainly used for the fixed fire control of industrial and civil buildings (fire hydrant system, automatic sprinkler system and water-spray system). In addition, XBD series pumps can also be used in the water supply system shared by fire control, living and production as well as in water supply for construction, municipal administration, factory, boiler and other occasions.

Fire engine water pump Feature

■XBD series variable flow constant-pressure building fire pump is characterized by variable flow and constant pressure.

■The flow-head curve is very flat, that is, when the pump changes from zero to the required maximum flow rate, the head change is within 5%, and over pressure will not occur when the flow rate is small or zero, so that normal operation of the fire control work can be ensured, which greatly improves the fire extinguishing efficiency, the reliability of fire fighting equipment and the safety of firefighters.

■XBD series pumps are horizontal pumps co-axially and directly connected with the motor, so it is very compact and small-sized with reliable mechanical seal.

■The internal structure of the pump is reasonable, and the over-flow components are made of stainless steel or high-strength aluminum alloy in the aerospace industry.

■XBD series pumps which are maintenance-free are featured by high reliability, long service life, smooth operation, low noise and lifetime warranty.

■The driving motor of XBD series pumps is an ordinary motor and does not require variable speed. This marks a major breakthrough in China's fire pump technology and will bring significant social and economic benefits.