Axial Flow Pump
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Axial Flow Pump


Axial Flow Water Pump Introduction

Axial flow pump Feature

The axial flow pump has a large flow and a low head.

Axial flow water pump Use

It is mainly used for regional water transfer such as the South-to-North Water Diversion Project; urban flood control and drainage project; large-scale agricultural irrigation project; dock drainage, water level control of canal locks, and large-scale circulating water delivery of power plants.

Vertical axial flow pump Performance

Large diameter, large rate of flow, low head, high efficiency and high power.

Range of impeller diameter: 1.4m ~ 6m; Flow-rate range: 5 ~ 100m3/s;

Head range: 0.8 ~ 35m; Optimum efficiency range: 85% ~ 90%;

Power range: 400KW ~ 7000KW.