High Flow Vehicle Fire Pump
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High Flow Vehicle Fire Pump


Fire Vehicle Pump Introduction

Fire Tender Pump Product Overview

The high flow high and low pressure vehicle fire pump is designed and manufactured by the company according to the market needs of emergency firefighting. It is applicable to the vehicle standard in China and also applicable to the fire fighting vehicle standard in USA.The whole pump is composed of first-class speed increasing gear box, pump body, impeller, pump shaft, mechanical seal, etc. It has high flow rate, simple structure, easy installation, simple operation, reliable and smooth operation, high efficiency, and convenient maintenance, which can meet most of the world's special fire fighting vehicle chassis, and can be applied to various complex fire scenes for a long time.

Fire vehicle pump Feature

1、Using corrosion-resistant, high-strength stainless steel pump shaft, etched light alloy impeller

2、high strength cast steel high pressure pump casing

3、Using maintenance-free mechanical seal

4、Using anti-cavitation induced wheel, can operate reliably in high altitude and low pressure environment

5. PTO type power take-off connection

6. Single-stage pump, the pump body is made of fine-grained gray cast iron, optional copper pump body

7. Shaft seal is the upgraded version of the whole life maintenance-free mechanical seal

8. Various speed ratios are available

Truck mounted fire pump Technical Parameter


Remarks: The above product performance is for reference only, please consult for specific performance.