High And Low Pressure Vehicle Fire Pump
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High And Low Pressure Vehicle Fire Pump


High Pressure Fire Pump Introduction

High Pressure Fire Pump Product Overview

The product is based on the development of emergency firefighting needs, the company independent research and development, design, manufacture of high-tech, high-performance vehicle-mounted fire pump products. There are three types of high and low pressure, medium and low pressure, medium pressure, the pump has compact structure, light weight, full function, easy maintenance, safe and reliable use, and is the ideal supporting product for the new generation of fire trucks. The pump is suitable for electric fire, oil fire, high-rise building water supply and fire extinguishing, long-distance fire water supply, forest firefighting, decontamination, marine firefighting, and high-pressure water column spraying, etc. It can run for a long time in various complex fire scenes, and is one of the core firefighting equipment for various urban emergency firefighting.

Vehicle mounted fire pump Feature

1.Use corrosion-resistant, high-strength stainless steel pump shaft

2.High-strength, corrosion-resistant light alloy pump casing

3.Anti-Cavitation Inducer for Reliable Operation at High Altitude and Low Pressure

4.3% and 6% integrated foam mixing ratio unit

5.The product has five speed ratios: 34/27. 37/24. 40/21, 42/19, 44/17

Fire vehicle pump Technical Parameter


Remarks: The above product performance is for reference only, please consult for specific performance