SASC's products exported to Russia delivered and shipped
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SASC's products exported to Russia delivered and shipped

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-12-09      Origin: Site

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Recently, the mud pump order delivered by SASC to the Russian market successfully completed the factory test and set sail for shipment. This project is the first time SASC sells orders directly to the Russian market and adopts the RMB settlement method, which reduces the financial risk while gaining a breakthrough in the market.The products delivered this time are 3 sets of BH series mud pump sets, which are used in conjunction with oilfield drilling rigs for oil extraction. The products are strong and wear-resistant, with stable performance and low maintenance rate, and are well received by the oilfield market.

SASC continuously optimizes the export mode and improves the overall service quality. In addition to the complete machine to be provided, the company also prepares perfect after-sales spare parts service to provide customers with one-stop product and technical support. The continuous enhancement of service further strengthens the contact between the company and customers, deepens cooperation and lays the foundation for future market stability and increment.We will continue to strengthen its market development in the Russian region and broaden its market scale in the Russian region.

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