SASC participated in the 2023 Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition
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SASC participated in the 2023 Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition

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On October 2, the 2023 Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition (ADIPEC), the world's most influential petroleum equipment ceremony, was grandly held at the Abu Dhabi International Exhibition Center in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. SASC(Shaanxi aerospace power hi-tech co.,Ltd) participated in this exhibition for the first time.


The theme of this exhibition is "Low Carbon, Speed Up, Cooperation", which reflects the increasing global demand for green energy transformation and diversified development. The four-day exhibition attracted more than 2,200 companies from more than 30 countries around the world, including 260 Chinese companies, with a total of approximately 184,000 participants, the highest number of participating companies in all previous exhibitions.


During the exhibition, the company focused on displaying the ZB400II mud pump, which is in high demand in the oil-rich areas of the Middle East, and conducted face-to-face technical discussions with more than 30 batches of customers from the local UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Kuwait, Russia, Pakistan and other countries. During the exchanges and business talks, we also visited more than 20 companies in the industry, learned about the procurement and actual needs of oilfield equipment in the Middle East, and explored the requirements and expectations of professional customers, which laid an important foundation for the company to continue to strengthen the development of the international market.


Shaanxi aerospace power hi-tech co.,Ltd has been engaged in the production and supply of oilfield and mining equipment for nearly 60 years. It is deeply engaged in various types of oilfield and petrochemical pumps. It has launched all-round cooperation with major oil fields and oil service companies at home and abroad, and has cooperated with the Middle East, South America, Nigeria We have established good trade relations with professional users in Russia, Russia and other regions, and have continued to make breakthroughs in well cleaning and fracturing, water injection, oil transportation, and pumps for fire-fighting systems. The company will adhere to the continuous improvement of technology and continuous optimization of services, dedicate itself to global oil and gas energy development with high-end oilfield equipment manufacturing, and always provide first-class products and services to domestic and foreign customers!