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  • Pumping and its stations
    Pumping and its stations

    A pumping station, also known as a pump room in the context of drilling and drinking water etc., is a facility containing the pumps and equipment used to pump fluids from one place to another. They are used in various infrastructure systems such as supplying water to canals, draining low-lying lands

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  • Water pumping and Coil pump
    Water pumping and Coil pump

    Pumping water is a fundamentally practical skill, much more practical than scooping water by hand or carrying buckets. This is true whether water is drawn from a fresh source, moved to a desired location, purified, used for irrigation, washing or sewage treatment, or used to extract water from a lo

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  • Water injection and filters
    Water injection and filters

    Waterflooding, or water flooding, is the injection of water into a reservoir to maintain pressure (also known as porosity displacement) or to drive oil toward a well to increase production. Water injection wells may be located onshore and offshore to enhance oil recovery from existing reservoirs.Typ

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  • Pump and its types
    Pump and its types

    A pump is a device that moves a fluid (liquid or gas) or sometimes a slurry by mechanical action,[1] usually converting electrical energy into hydraulic energy.Mechanical pumps are used in a wide range of applications such as pumping water from wells, aquarium filtration, pond filtration and aeratio

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  • Gas booster construction and function
    Gas booster construction and function

    Gas booster pumps are usually piston or plunger compressors. A single-acting, single-stage booster is the simplest configuration, consisting of a cylinder designed to withstand operating pressure and a piston driven back and forth within the cylinder. The cylinder head is equipped with supply and di

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