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Company Culture - Employee Activities

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Community volunteer service

The company organized and carried out voluntary activities such as blood pressure, blood oxygen measurement, microwave cleaning of glasses, photo printing, and maintenance of small household appliances, and served more than 140 employees in total, which was well received by everyone. In addition, the company also launched a public welfare activity of donating books to mountain schools, satisfy children's thirst for knowledge and realize their dream of reading, further broadening the depth and breadth of voluntary services.

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Women's Day activities

On the occasion of the 113th International Women's Day, in order to enrich the holiday cultural life of women, further strengthen the awareness of national fitness and implement the national fitness program with practical actions, the company carried out rich recreational and sports activities.

Activity 1. Calisthenics

With dynamic dance steps and light dance posture, everyone showed the vigorous and enterprising spirit of women in the new era, won cheers from the audience. This activity not only showed the healthy, cooperative and energetic spirit of female employees, but also helped comrades improve their physical fitness and disease prevention ability, and enhance the cohesion and teamwork spirit of the staff.

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Activity 2. Female Employee Symposium

The leaders of the company fully affirmed the long-term work of the female employees and their contributions to the development of the company, and hoped that they would devote themselves to the enterprise construction with the spirit of ownership and make new contributions to the reform and development of the company; female employees are encouraged to constantly improve themselves, become women in the new era, break away from the traditional concept of a good wife and mother, and become women in the new era with dreams, goals, independence and self-reliance. After the symposium, the leaders of the company presented flowers, coffee and chocolate to all female employees.

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