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Chemical Pump


Chemical Mixing Pump Introduction

Chemical mixing pump Use

This series of pumps is suitable for conveying clean or slightly polluted neutral or slightly corrosive liquids that do not contain solid particles. This series of pumps are mainly used in oil refining, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, coal chemical industry, paper industry, marine industry, electric power industry and various industries such as food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and so on.

Centrifugal pump Feature

■The structure is safe and reliable, and the pump runs stably.

■The pump has high average efficiency and low energy consumption, which is the ideal energy-saving product of choice.

■Good cavitation performance, which is incomparable with similar products of other companies. The minimum NPSH value of many products can be as low as about 0.5m. Due to the low NPSHr value, the installation height of petrochemical plants can be reduced and investment can be saved.

■The performance range of the pump is very wide, the maximum flow rate Q can reach 3000m³/h, and the maximum head H can reach 230m, and the flow rate and head of the product are closely spaced, which provides convenience for users to select pumps.

■The cooling methods of the bearing include air cooling, fan cooling and water cooling, which can be selected according to the different operating temperatures of the pump. Among them, fan cooling is especially suitable for areas with water shortage or poor water quality.

■High degree of standardization, strong versatility, and greatly reduce the user's spare parts inventory.

■The material selection of the pump over-current parts is refined. According to the requirements of the working conditions, the choice of materials is completely determined by the user.

■The axial force of this series of pumps is balanced by the port ring and the balance hole, and the residual axial force is supported by the thrust bearing.

■The pump body with the outlet above DN80 is designed as a double volute structure to balance the radial force, thereby reducing the noise of the pump and prolonging the bearing life.

■Adopt dry shaft design concept, which is completely isolated from the medium, avoids the corrosion of the shaft, and improves the overall life of the pump.

■The impeller can be of open type or semi-open type, with replaceable polymer front and rear wear plates, it is suitable for conveying various media containing particles, slurries and viscous properties.

■The wearing parts of this series of pumps are small parts such as the mouth ring and the shaft sleeve, so after replacing the wearing parts, the normal performance can be restored and the running cost can be saved.

■The miscellaneous body adopts the rear pull-out design, and at the same time, it is matched with the motor with an extended diaphragm coupling. When the pump is repaired, it is not necessary to disassemble the pipeline and the motor, and the maintenance and repair operations are convenient and quick.

■Shaft seal can be packing or mechanical seal.

■The sealing and auxiliary flushing scheme of the pump is configured in accordance with API682 to ensure the sealing reliability of the pump under different working conditions.