Single Stage Double Suction Pump
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Single Stage Double Suction Pump


Single Stage Double Suction Pump Introduction

Horizontal Double Suction Pump Use

HTS series single-stage double-suction centrifugal pumps (Circulating Pumps) are mainly used for impurity-free and non-corrosive media at a temperature not higher than 200 °C in the industries of the water supply system (waterworks and water supply in buildings, etc.), industrial application (drainage pumping station, steel mill, power plant, industrial water supply, shipbuilding industry, mine water supply and drainage, coalification, transportation of other corrosive media, etc.), irrigation works (irrigation works and water supply for irrigated area, etc.), building (fire control for buildings and water circulation of central air-conditioning, etc.) and pipeline transportation (heating pipe network system, delivery of oil, seawater and other corrosive media) and others.

Horizontal Double Suction Pump Feature

■For a horizontal split case pump, it only needs to open the pump cover, instead of loosening the inlet and outlet pipeline of the pump, for overhaul;

■It has a wear ring to extend the service life of the impeller and pump casing;

■The coupler is long enough to replace the mechanical seal and bearing without moving the pump and motor;

■Efficient and energy-saving, with the operating efficiency reaching domestic leading and international advanced level;

■Refer to the American Petroleum Institute (API) Standard 610 for product design and production, and the product quality is better;

■Fully considering high temperature in the structural design and material selection, so the product is suitable for high temperature and high pressure operating conditions;

■Shock-absorbing and denoising design enables quiet operation and high stability.