Tubular Turbine
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Tubular Turbine


Tubular turbine Introduction

Cross-flow turbines use

This product is a hydropower equipment converting water energy into electric energy. The water-turbine generator set developed by the Company is suitable for wide head sections. Appropriate runners and types can be selected within the range of 3~300m head section; the output range is wide (ranging from 100KW to 35000KW).

1, The shape of the axial connection from the inlet to outlet direction is simple, the hydraulic loss of the overflow passage is reduced, and the construction is convenient. In addition, it has high efficiency, and its draft tube recovery function can account for more than 40% of the total water head.

2,  Tubular units have higher filtration capacity and specific speed, so under the same conditions of water head and power, tubular units is about 10% smaller than the diameter of rotating paddle type.

3, If applied to tidal power stations, it can have six functions such as bidirectional power generation, bidirectional pumping, and bidirectional water discharge, which is very suitable for comprehensive development and utilization of low head hydraulic resources, in addition, in the general plain area drainage and irrigation station can be used as a reversible pump turbine operation, the application range is relatively wide.

4, Tubular hydropower stations generally have a short construction cycle, small investment, quick returns, and few inundation and resettlement. The proximity of the power station to towns is conducive to giving full play to the enthusiasm of the region in building the power station.