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  • What is Volute (pump)?
    What is Volute (pump)?

    The volute is a curved funnel that increases in area as it approaches the discharge. [1] The volute of the centrifugal pump is the casing that receives the fluid pumped by the impeller and maintains the velocity of the fluid through the diffuser. When liquid leaves the impeller it has high kinetic e

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  • What is mud pump and its classifications
    What is mud pump and its classifications

    A mud pump (sometimes called a mud drilling pump or drilling mud pump) is a reciprocating piston/plunger pump designed to circulate drilling fluid along the drill string at high pressure (up to 7,500 psi or 52,000 kPa) and support the annulus. Mud pumps are an important part of oil well drilling equ

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  • How to choose a mud pump?
    How to choose a mud pump?

    Mud pumps can be divided into marine and land mud pumps, large particle mud pumps, multi-purpose mud pumps, submersible mud pumps, vertical mud pumps, etc.

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