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  • Circulator pump Use with domestic hot water
    Circulator pump Use with domestic hot water
    A circulator or circulation pump is a special type of pump used to circulate gases, liquids or slurries in a closed circuit. They are commonly found in circulating water in hydronic heating or cooling systems. Because they only circulate the fluid in a closed loop, they only need to overcome the fri
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  • Jonval turbine and its Applications
    Jonval turbine and its Applications
    The Jonval turbine is a water turbine design invented in France in 1837 and brought into widespread use in the United States around 1850. [2] The Jonval turbine is a "mixed flow" turbine design. The mixed flow design is ideal for low head applications common in the Eastern United States. Smaller siz
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  • Introduction of Water Turbine
    Introduction of Water Turbine
    1. Composition of water turbineIt is composed of buried part, water guide mechanism part, rotating part and so on. The buried part mainly includes spiral case, stay ring, draft tube and other parts; the water guide mechanism part mainly includes top cover, bottom ring, guide vane, control ring, tra
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  • Evolution from Francis turbine to Kaplan turbine
    Evolution from Francis turbine to Kaplan turbine
    Francis turbines convert energy under high-pressure water heads that are not easily obtained, so considering that the water volume is large enough, turbines are required to convert energy under low-pressure water heads. It is easy to convert a high head to power, but it is difficult with a low head.
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  • Francis turbine and Components
    Francis turbine and Components
    A Francis turbine is a type of water turbine. It is an internal flow reaction turbine combining radial flow and axial flow concepts. Francis turbines are the most commonly used turbines today, with efficiencies of over 95%. [1]The process of realizing the modern Francis wheel design from 1848 to abo
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