Briefing of Mud systems
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Briefing of Mud systems

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Effective solids control can be attributed to the overall performance of all components of a mud system.The goal of conditioning drilling fluids to significantly reduce maintenance costs, avoid excessive chemical treatment and maintain mud system capacity will reduce the chance of equipment failure,unnecessarily high mud costs, drilling and drilling problems.In the early petroleum industry, open pits were used as settling areas to separate solids from slurries, thereby acting as solids control devices.Now, with stringent environmental regulations and high mud costs, the economics of efficient mud systems are starting to be taken into consideration. Different solids control companies introduce zero-emission systems, closed-loop systems,"fast moving" technology, screening technology, disposal solutions,etc.

Different parts of the surface mud system drilling mud pump

1.Delete part.Unwanted separation of borehole solids and even gases occurs .

2.The addition part.Commercial chemicals are being added and agitated to control and condition the mud.

3.Suction test section.This is the final part of the mud system where evaluation and testing procedures are performed before the fluid is recycled downhole.

Major components of the mud system

  • Sludge separator

  • Shaker

  • Sand trap

  • Desander

  • Desilter

  • Degasser

  • Mud cleaner

  • Decanter centrifuges

  • Mud mixer

  • Tanks/compartments

  • Mud gun

  • Mixing hopper

  • Centrifugal pumps

  • Mud pump

  • Screw conveyor

  • Mud ditch

  • Suitcase

  • Water tank

  • Atmospheric degasser

  • Cutting dryer.